This schedule is tentative and may be changed throughout the semester. Major due dates will not change, but readings and other assignments might be added or changed. The schedule below will be official, and you should check it regularly.

Date Major Due Dates; Homework (due day listed); In class
M 8/25 Introduction to Course
W 8/27 Read Gee and Burke
F 8/29 Academic Reflection Paper due; Discuss research
M 9/1 Innovation Paper due
W 9/3 Read sections of Pitt’s “Introducing Public Speaking” (The Basics, How to Give a Public Speech: A Chart, Informative Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, and all of Writing the Speech); Presentation workshop
F 9/5 Read section on Delivering the Speech from Pitt; Peer reviews for Presentation 1
M 9/8 Presentation 1
W 9/10 Presentation 1
F 9/12 Presentation 1; Reflection Paper due by end of weekend
M 9/15 Debate Proposal due; discuss research
W 9/17 Read Tufte
F 9/19 RS 1 due; Discuss Johnson (also, RS sample for your reference)
M 9/22 RS 2 due; Discuss Madrigal
W 9/24 RS 3 due; Discuss RS samples, revision activities
F 9/26 Annotated Bibliography due; Invention exercises
M 9/29 Paper 1 Peer Review Draft due for peer reviews in class
W 10/1 Conferences (revised Paper 1 due in conferences)
F 10/3 Conferences (revised Paper 1 due in conferences)
M 10/6 Discuss Presentation 2
W 10/8 Paper 1 due (second submission)
F 10/10 Workshop Presentation 2
M 10/13 Midterm Break
W 10/15 Presentations
F 10/17 Presentations
M 10/20 Presentations
W 10/22 Reflection Paper due; Read Shirky: Chapter 2 (skim to p. 39; read all from “Making the Trains Run on Time” to end of chapter) and all of Chapter 3
F 10/24 Reread Shirky; Discuss Johnson
M 10/27 Analysis Paper due
W 10/29 Presentation 3 Script/Outline due; Workshop Presentation 3
F 10/31 PowerPoint/Visual Aid due; Workshop Presentation 3
M 11/3 Peer Reviews for Presentation 3
W 11/5 Presentations
F 11/7 Presentations
M 11/10 Presentations
W 11/12 Presentation Reflection due; Read article and listen to podcast on RadioLab; Discuss podcasts
F 11/14 Final Project Invention Paper due
M 11/17 Meet with groups to discuss final project
W 11/19 Continue group work
F 11/21 Continue group work
M 11/24 Continue group work
M 12/1 Continue group work
W 12/3 Group Project due; Present group work to class
F 12/5 Group Project Reflection due; Discuss Final Reflection
W 12/10 Final Reflection due