Date Major Due Dates; Homework (due day listed); In class
W 1/17 Introduction to Course
F 1/19 Read Burke and Gee (Moodle); Notes
M 1/22 Community Reflection Paper due; Discuss research
W 1/24 Read DoneganGrady; Notes
F 1/26 Read Onion
M 1/29 Bring in draft of Innovation Paper; Discuss genre and formatting resources (see Moodle and this handout)
W 1/31 Innovation Paper due; Workshop papers
F 2/2 Workshop papers
M 2/5 Innovation Paper due with revisions; Read Tufte in class
W 2/7 Read sections of Pitt’s “Introducing Public Speaking” (The Basics, How to Give a Public Speech: A Chart, Informative Speaking, Persuasive Speaking, and all of Writing the Speech); Presentation workshop with sample presentation
F 2/9 Read section on Delivering the Speech from Pitt; Bring outline and visual aid for peer reviews of Presentation 1
M 2/12 Presentation 1
W 2/14 Presentation 1
F 2/16 Presentation 1; Reflection Paper due by end of weekend
M 2/19 Read “Organizing Your Argument,” Dobin and Kalev, and Hernandez
W 2/21 Read Damore memo, Jones, and Penny; Argument analysis and diversity activity
F 2/23 Debate Proposal due
M 3/5 Work on research; Discuss stasis theory
W 3/7 Research Analysis due; Debate and ethics activities
F 3/9 Research Analysis due
M 3/12 Annotated Bibliography due; Introductions activity
W 3/14 Work on Debate Paper
F 3/16 Debate Paper due for peer reviews; Debate Paper Rubric
M 3/19 Conferences
W 3/21 Conferences
F 3/23 Writing workshop for Debate Paper; Debate Paper Samples
M 3/26 Debate Paper due with revisions; Paper Reflection due; Discuss sample slides
W 3/28 Peer review presentations
W 4/4 Presentation 2
F 4/6 Presentation 2
M 4/9 Presentation 2
W 4/11 Read McIntosh; Reflection Paper due for Presentation 2; Notes
F 4/13 Read Febos; Notes
M 4/16 Bring in draft of Ethics Paper; Ethics Paper Discussion Questions
W 4/18 Ethics Paper due; Workshop papers
F 4/20 Workshop papers
M 4/23 Ethics Paper due with revisions
W 4/25 Work on Final Assignment; AV Workshop
F 4/27 Peer review presentations
M 4/30 Presentations
W 5/2 Presentations
Th 5/3 Reflection Paper due (for presentations); Discuss Flaherty
W 5/9 Final Assignment due with reflection (for videos and podcasts)