Reflection Papers

We will complete these short papers (minimum 600 words) after each round of presentations. The goal is to reflect on your own presentation and those of your classmates. Your paper should address the following prompts and questions.

  • In terms of preparing for your presentation, where were you most successful? Where were you least successful? Consider your research, your development of the ideas and argument for the presentation, your organization and writing of the presentation, your work on slides, and your preparation for the presentation itself (revising, practicing, making note cards, memorizing, etc.).
  • In terms of the presentation itself, where were you most successful? Where were you least successful? What felt particularly good about the presentation? What would you do differently in the future?
  • In terms of other presentations you saw this week, what did you find most effective? Least effective? Which slide presentation did you find most effective, and how so? Who was the most interesting and engaging, and how so? What do you want to try to achieve with or incorporate into future presentations based on what you saw this week?

We will also use this reflection as an opportunity to check in on your grade and development for the course. So, your paper should also address the following prompts (you can use this writing in your Midterm and Final Reflections):

  • How would you describe the efforts you made during this unit? Consider both the amount of effort you put into your work and how productive and effective this effort was. How much time did you spend on different aspects of the writing process – reading, researching, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, etc.? Which efforts felt most productive and effective? Least so?
  • How would you describe your learning during this unit? Keep in mind the following dimensions of learning:
    • Confidence and Independence
    • Skills and Strategies
    • Knowledge and Understanding
    • Use of Prior and Emerging Experience
    • Reflection
    • Creativity, Originality, Imagination
  • Remember that you will be responsible for making an argument for your grade. Generally speaking, to get an A, you will need to demonstrate that your work, your effort, and your learning have been “excellent” (the B range would need to be “good”). In what ways has your work, your effort, and your learning been “excellent” or “good” in this unit? What can you do to improve going forward?

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