Date Major Due Dates; Homework (due day listed); In class
M 8/29 Introduction to Course
W 8/31 Read Mendelson, DR Introduction (take notes with Hypothesis)
F 9/2 Digital Literacy Narrative due
M 9/5 Read DR Ch. 1
W 9/7 Read Morozov
F 9/9 Read Vee, Brown, Twilley
M 9/12 Rhetorical Analysis due; Discuss Zazzle
W 9/14 Read notes on readings
F 9/16 Read Belojevic, Klosterman
M 9/19 Rhetorical Analysis due
W 9/21 Read Campbell
F 9/23 Bring draft of Paper 1 to class
M 9/26 Paper 1 due for peer reviews in class
W 9/28 Conferences
F 9/30 Conferences
M 10/3 Paper 1 revisions due
W 10/5 Read Brown (up to “Ethical Programs”)
F 10/7 Read Brown (from “Ethical Programs” to end)
W 10/12 Ethical Programs assignment
F 10/14 Read Warzel
M 10/17 Final Project Proposal due
W 10/19 Read Koerner
F 10/21 Read Meyer, Crockett
M 10/24 Ethical Analysis due
W 10/26 Read Auerbach
F 10/28 Paper 2 due for peer reviews in class
M 10/31 Conferences
W 11/2 Conferences
F 11/4 Paper 2 revisions due; Discuss live coding
M 11/7 Read or watch Bridle; Discuss Last Words, We Feel Fine, Museum of Endangered Sounds, Haiku
W 11/9 Work on AB
F 11/11 Read electronic literature: Joyce, Montfort, and Moulthrop; Digital aesthetics
M 11/14 Read Boyle (Moodle)
W 11/16 Work on AB
F 11/18 Final Project Annotated Bibliography due
M 11/21 Conferences
M 11/28 Digital workshop
W 11/30 Digital rhetoric reflection
F 12/2 Final Project due for peer reviews in class
M 12/5 Discuss revisions and wrap up semester
W 12/7 No class meeting
F 12/9 Final Project revisions due; No class meeting