Date Major Due Dates; Homework (due day listed); In class
M 1/16 Introduction to Course
W 1/18 Read Taylor, “Drawing a Line” (Moodle); Start working with WordPress
F 1/20 Digital Reflection due; Discuss the virtual
M 1/23 Read Dewey, Jones, and Carr
W 1/25 Hashtag Analysis due; Discuss generative rhetoric
F 1/27 Read Bogost; Browse stories on Storify
M 1/30 Social Media Project proposal due; Look at classmates’ websites and develop your own
W 2/1 Group work
F 2/3 Read Grassegger and Krogerus
M 2/6 Read boyd, Cottom, Carrigan, and Matias
W 2/8 Read Yang and Lund
F 2/10 Analysis Paper due; Project workshop
M 2/13 Social Media Project peer reviews; Discuss analysis questions
W 2/15 Conferences
F 2/17 Conferences
M 2/20 Social Media Project due; Reflection and writing obstacles activity
W 2/22 Read Bady, Saltz (warning: assassination images)
F 2/24 Read Roberts; Art observation for analysis assignment
M 2/27 Art Analysis due; Watch Matsuda
W 3/1 Picturing Bonaventure due; Watch Žižek
F 3/3 Read Ridolfo and DeVoss (just “Remix“), look and listen at Cities and Memory; Watch Tea Time
M 3/13 Work on A/V Project Script over break; Watch remix videos
W 3/15 Look over Remix Assignment
F 3/17 A/V Project script due
M 3/20 Discuss fair use and accessibility, project workday
W 3/22 Class visit with Michael McGregor
F 3/24 A/V Analysis due; Project workday
M 3/27 A/V Project due for peer reviews
W 3/29 Conferences
F 3/31 Conferences
M 4/3 A/V Project due
W 4/5 Read Bogost (Moodle)
F 4/7 Read Gee handout and complete “mapping systems” activity
M 4/10 Read Parrish; Hacktivity
W 4/12 Project Proposal due
W 4/19 Work on Analysis and Project; Procedural Activity
F 4/21 System Analysis due; Twine and Quest activity
M 4/24 Project Workday
W 4/26 Procedural Rhetoric Project peer reviews; Peer review handout
F 4/28 Conferences
M 5/1 Conferences
W 5/3 Procedural Rhetoric Project due
M 5/8 Final Draft of Website due