Annotated Bibliography

This assignment is designed to help you organize your research as you prepare for Paper 1. As you are researching your controversy, you will likely find some articles and sources that are mainly informative and others that make an argument and advocate for a particular position. While your Research Summaries should focus on articles that make arguments, you are welcome to include sources that are primarily informative in your annotated bibliography, as both informative and argumentative sources will ultimately help you write Paper 1. Your bibliography should include at least four sources that make an argument in response to your controversy. Also, our understanding of “sources” here can be quite broad. Our main emphasis will be on articles, but you can also examine other kinds of texts – anything that can help you gain insight about your controversy (books, documentaries, pamphlets, websites, etc.).

Overview and Formatting: There is not a specific page length requirement for this assignment, but your bibliography should include at least six entries (you are welcome to include as many sources as you want and as you expect will help you in writing Paper 1). Each entry should begin with a citation of the source in MLA format. After the citation, skip a line before including your annotations. You should arrange your entries either in alphabetical order or in the order of their importance for your project (whichever is most helpful for you). You should put your name and the title of the assignment at the top of the first page. You should email the assignment to me as a .doc or .rtf attachment before class starts on October 8, and you should also bring a hard copy or an electronic copy with you to class that day.

Specifics: Your annotations should be 1-2 paragraphs, and they should focus on concisely summarizing the main point(s) of the source and reflecting on its use for your understanding of the controversy. If the source is argumentative, you should briefly outline the main argument of the article. If the source is informative, you should outline the main information provided by the article. In addition to this overview of the source’s main point(s), you can also use the annotations as a place to remind yourself about other helpful information from the article. For example, if the article offers helpful background information or quotes, you can make a note of this. If the article helps you map the conversation around your controversy using stasis theory or kairos, you might make a note of this as well. The goal of the annotated bibliography is to help you prepare for Paper 1 and to demonstrate that your understanding of your controversy is broad and thorough. (See the Purdue OWL for more information on annotated bibliographies.)

The Annotated Bibliography will only be given a completion grade. If your submission does not meet the assignment requirements, I will ask you to revise it and submit it again. Otherwise, you will receive full credit for completing the assignment.


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