LS = Little Seagull Handbook

Date Major Due Dates; Homework (due day listed); In class
M 8/28 Introduction to Course
W 8/30 Read LS 83-86, Burke (Moodle), and Lang (here, here, and here); Notes
F 9/1 Read Hunter, McIntoshNotes
M 9/4 Identity Mapping due; Read LS 2-10
W 9/6 Read LakoffNotes
F 9/8 Short Analysis due (see LS 49-53 for guidance)
M 9/11 Read LS 89-118 and begin working on Public Research
W 9/13 Read smith, Fagansmith and Fagan activity
F 9/15 Public Analysis due
M 9/18 Public Research due; read LS p. 10-29
W 9/20 Paper 1 due for peer reviews; Paper 1 Rubric
F 9/22 Conferences
M 9/25 Conferences
W 9/27 Paper 1 due with final revisions; Complete paper reflection
F 9/29 Read Ahmed
M 10/2 Read Collins, “The Politics of Black Feminist Thought,” pgs. 1-19 of Black Feminist Thought (Moodle); Continue Ahmed Activity
W 10/4 Reread Ahmed or Collins; Comparing Ahmed and Collins
F 10/6 Short Analysis
W 10/11 Read RekdalDiscuss epistemology
F 10/13 Bring in source for Academic Analysis; Research Activity
M 10/16 Academic AnalysisCoherence activity and transitions
W 10/18 Read Pauly, work on Annotated Bibliography; Epistemology revisited
F 10/20 Annotated Bibliography due; Discuss introductions
M 10/23 Work on Paper 2; Discuss Paper 2 Rubric and Comparison Samples
W 10/25 Paper 2 due for peer reviews; APA Worksheet
F 10/27 Conferences
M 10/30 Conferences
W 11/1 Writing workshop: Paper 3 Editing Activity
F 11/3 Paper 2 due with final revisions; Complete paper reflection and discuss Paper 3
M 11/6 Read Thom and Harris; begin Paper 3 researchNotes
W 11/8 Watch Positively Trans videos, read McNamara and read through UnerasedDiscuss argument
F 11/10 Bring Paper 3 research to class for Analysis Activity
M 11/13 Read Molloy and SimmonsNotes
W 11/15 Work on Paper 3; Argument Activity
F 11/17 Paper 3 (Part 1) due for peer reviews
M 11/20 Paper 3 (Part 2) due for peer reviews
M 11/27 Work on Paper 3 revisions
W 11/29 Conferences
F 12/1 Conferences
M 12/4 Paper 3 due with final revisions; Discuss Final Reflection
W 12/6 Work on Final Reflection
F 12/8 Final Reflection due