LS = Little Seagull Handbook

Date Major Due Dates; Homework (due day listed); In class
T 1/17 Introduction to Course; Notes
Th 1/19 Read LS “Reading Strategies” and the Purdue OWL on “Organizing Your Argument – Toulmin Method” and “Stasis Theory” and smith; Notes
T 1/24 Read Hunter; Notes
Th 1/26 Topic Proposal due; Notes
T 1/31 Read Smarsh and Petersen; Notes
Th 2/2 Short Analysis due (see LS 49-53 for guidance); Notes
T 2/7 Public Analysis due (see LS 90-118 for research help)
Th 2/9 Work on Annotated Bibliography (find at least three public sources); Meet in Libary for Research activity
T 2/14 Read Drum
Th 2/16 Skim over Villanueva (Moodle), work on Academic Analysis
T 2/21 Academic Analysis due
Th 2/23 Annotated Bibliography due by end of Friday
T 3/7 Work on Paper 1
Th 3/9 Paper 1 due for peer reviews (see LS p. 10-29 for drafting help)
T 3/14 Conferences
Th 3/16 Paper 1 due with final revisions by the end of Friday
T 3/21 Midterm Reflection due
Th 3/23 Readings
T 3/28 Readings
Th 3/30 Paper 2 activity
T 4/4 Paper 2 due for peer reviews
Th 4/13 Conferences
T 4/18 Paper 2 due with final revisions
Th 4/20 Read Febos and McIntosh; Watch Febos
T 4/25 Read Graeber
Th 4/27 Paper 3 due for peer reviews
T 5/2 Conferences
Th 5/4 Paper 3 due with final revisions
T 5/9 Final Reflection due