LS = Little Seagull Handbook

Date Major Due Dates; Homework (due day listed); In class
M 8/27 Introduction to Course
W 8/29 Read LS 83-86, Burke (Moodle), and Lang (here, here, and here) and complete reading notes; Discussion notes
F 8/31 Read Hunter, smith; Notes
M 9/3 Identity Mapping due; Read LS 2-10; Notes
W 9/5 Read Stewart; Notes
F 9/7 Short Analysis due (see LS 49-53 for guidance); Discuss incorporating quotes, citations
M 9/10 Short Analysis Workshop; Discuss research, emails
W 9/12 Bring Public Analysis source to class, read LS 89-118; Public Analysis Activity
F 9/14 Public Analysis due; Analysis activities
M 9/17 Public Analysis Workshop, work on research; Discuss sample citations
W 9/19 Public Research due; read LS p. 10-29; Discuss Introductions, Comparisons
F 9/21 Paper 1 due for peer reviews; Paper 1 Rubric
M 9/24 Conferences
W 9/26 Conferences
F 9/28 Paper 1 due with final revisions; Paper Reflection due; Honors Assignment due; Discuss Paper 1 editing
M 10/1 Read Villanueva (Moodle) and complete worksheet (and reading notes); Notes
W 10/3 Read Royster (Moodle); Meet in library for research activity
F 10/5 Short Analysis due; Discuss Royster and Villanueva
W 10/10 Short Analysis Workshop; Workshop activity, transition words
F 10/12 Academic Analysis; Notes
M 10/15 Academic Analysis Workshop; work on Annotated Bibliography
W 10/17 Annotated Bibliography due; Discuss Paper 2 Activity and Paper 2 Rubric
F 10/19 Work on Paper 2; Discuss APA Worksheet and comparisons and writing obstacles
M 10/22 Paper 2 due for peer reviews
W 10/24 Conferences
F 10/26 Conferences
M 10/29 Paper 2 due with final revisions; Paper Reflection due; Honors Assignment due; Notes
W 10/31 Read McIntosh (optional reading notes); Notes for McIntosh and Febos
F 11/2 Read Febos
M 11/5 Theorizing Identity due; LSH exercises and answers
W 11/7 Theorizing Identity Workshop; Workshop activity
F 11/9 Paper 3 due for peer reviews; Peer review activity
M 11/12 Conferences
W 11/14 Conferences
F 11/16 Paper 3 due with final revisions; Paper Reflection due; discuss argument, “Stasis Theory,” Berlatsky
M 11/19 Read Kendall and Stewart; Discuss argument reading exercise and argument activity
M 11/26 Work on research for Paper 4; Notes; discuss Zaino
W 11/28 Paper 4 research due; Invention Activity
F 11/30 Paper 4 due for peer reviews; Paper 4 Rubric
M 12/3 Conferences
W 12/5 Conferences
F 12/7 Paper 4 due with final revisions; Honors Assignment due; Blog Post Activity