Digital Assignment Development

With resources from a Keenan-Martine grant, I am aiming to encourage the use of digital technologies and digital assignments and activities across campus. This initiative aims to complement similar initiatives related to gaming, app development, flipped classroom strategies, etc. My project specifically focuses on developing assignments and activities that draw upon digital or other alternative technologies. If you are interested in developing a digital assignment or activity (either starting from scratch or building on an existing activity), please consider participating in this initiative. Here are the details.

This project mainly aims to enhance the use of digital technologies in the classroom and to encourage use of the Digital Media Center in the library. Assignments and activities might involve the use of video and audio production tools, games, websites or wikis, image and poster production, 3D printing, or other things along these lines. This project aims to help programs and individual instructors work toward addressing the technology component of the general education curriculum and to further help students develop digital literacies.

This initiative will involve the following:

  • We will hold a workshop in May to discuss concepts and questions relevant to the digital humanities and the development, implementation, and assessment of digital assignments and activities. This will be an opportunity to establish a common foundation for all participants and to share our initial thoughts and plans for our individual projects.
  • Over the summer, you will develop a digital assignment or activity to be implemented in the fall or spring semester. I will provide resources to support your work: mentoring (discussing assignment design and assessment, technological support, etc.), relevant readings, and perhaps ordering needed tools and technologies as feasible.
  • After you have implemented this assignment or activity next year, we will discuss how it went. We will offer a workshop or presentation to the campus community to discuss the projects.
  • By participating in this initiative, you will receive the following: a stipend (amount depends on number of participants; at least $100), books and readings on the digital humanities and digital assignment design, mentoring and technological support.

If you are interested in participating in this initiative, send me an email by April 23. In the email, please offer a brief description of the assignment or activity you want to develop. If you want to participate in the initiative but aren’t sure exactly what you want to do, that’s fine too; email me and we can discuss possibilities further.

My own pedagogical work with digital technologies goes back to my graduate work at the University of Texas at Austin, where I participated in the Digital Writing and Research Lab. At Bonaventure, I have developed digital assignments for a few different classes, primarily ENG 325: Writing in Digital Environments. My research in this area has primarily focused on video games and gaming. This experience and expertise will help me offer guidance and insight in our work together, although I will be learning along the way as well.