Resources for Instructors

Whether or not you think of yourself as an instructor of writing, giving your students opportunities to write and helping them with their writing skills can be invaluable as they work toward completing their degrees and transitioning into their professional lives. The links below direct you to resources for writing instruction.

  • Digital Writing Assignments. There are many ways to incorporate digital technologies and digital writing into your classes. The resources outlined here include possibilities for both in-class and outside activities and for both shorter and more extended assignments.
  • Resources for Students. You can direct your students to these resources on our site, and you might also find several of them helpful yourself.
  • CompPile. This site offers an inventory of publications in writing studies, including post-secondary composition, rhetoric, technical writing, ESL, and discourse analysis.
  • Conference on College Communication and Composition. CCCC (referred to as 4Cs) is the largest professional organization for researching and teaching composition.
  • Council of Writing Program Administrators. The site for this national association of writing professionals outlines outcomes for college writing instruction and offers resources on assessment.
  • ProfHacker. Housed at the Chronicle of Higher Education, this blog offers tips about teaching, technology, and productivity.

Writing Ball
“Writing Ball” by Kim P/MildlyDiverting, CC BY-NC-SA

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