The Midterm and Final Reflections for the Learning Record will ask you to reflect on your development throughout the semester. In order to support your self-assessment, you will need to provide evidence from your work and experience this semester. Much of this evidence will come from the project work and supplemental writing you do throughout the semester, but making observations about your learning and development will provide another source of evidence.

This activity asks you to record observations you make about your learning throughout the semester, particularly with reference to the dimensions of learning and course strands. For example, if you have a meeting with a project-collaborator and have an experience of successful collaboration, make a note of it as an observation; if you have a moment of understanding during a class conversation, record it as an observation. Any experience you have that embodies a moment of learning or development can be observed and recorded as part of your Learning Record.

To keep track of your observations, you should create a document that compiles them over time. For each observation, include the date and time, the context of the observation (where you were and what you were doing), and what exactly you observed. You should aim to make at least a few observations every week. Again, you will be able to use these observations as evidence to support your self-assessment and evaluation at the end of the semester.