Interview and Personal Reflection

Our first Learning Record assignment aims to establish a baseline we can use to track your development across the semester. This assignment includes two parts: an interview with someone who knows you well and a personal reflection. Both parts should be compiled in a single document and emailed to me as an attachment or link. There is not a length requirement, but both parts should be substantial and specific.

Interview another person who knows you well—for example, a parent or other family member, close friend, or teacher. The interview should focus on the person’s impressions of your development as a reader, writer, and thinker. For example, what are their thoughts on your strengths and weaknesses, your interests and disinterests, your progress and development over time or in different classes or situations? Your write-up should include the name of the interviewee, their relationship to you, the interview date, and a transcript of the interview or a summary with some specific quotes.

Personal Reflection
Reflect on your own development with reference to the dimensions of learning and course strands. For example, how would you describe your confidence and independence, your creativity and originality, and your problem-solving skills? Provide specific examples where applicable.