Supplemental Writing

Our main course efforts will involve working on collaborative projects, but we will also produce writing that helps us reflect on our work and package it for professional audiences. You will be responsible for finishing this writing alongside your main project work.

Professional Portfolio

  • Website. A site that compiles, organizes, and comments upon your writing work and professional materials. You can use a website developed for another class or create a new one.
  • CV/Resume. An overview of your educational and professional experiences.
  • Statement of purpose. A statement of purpose will be particularly useful if you apply to graduate programs, but it can also help you articulate – both to yourself and a broader audience – who you are as a writer, what you’ve done and where you are headed. Following advice from people like Kendall Dunkelberg and Cady Vishniac, your statement of purpose should mainly tell us about your past (particularly in terms of academic experience and perhaps personal experience; emphasize what has shaped and prepared you as a writer), your present (current situation, recent work), and your writing (what you write about and why, the writing you are aiming to do into the future, your writing influences, what you have published).
  • Project overviews. Similar to project reflections, such writing presents your project work to an outside audience, explaining the work you did on a given project and what you got out of it.
  • Discussion of internships, extracurriculars, etc. Describe what you have done and how this work or experience has shaped you as a person and a writer.