Learning Record Midterm

This assignment gives you an opportunity to reflect on the work you have done this semester and to think about ways you can continue to improve throughout the rest of the semester. This paper will not have a direct impact on your grade, but it will give you a sense for where you stand now and help you prepare for your Learning Record Final at the end of the semester. To complete the Midterm, you should complete the following steps.

1) Look over the dimensions of learning and the course strands. These categories and concepts will give you a framework for thinking about your development this semester.

2) Compile and look over all of the work you’ve done so far this semester: the initial Learning Record interview and personal reflection, project work, supplementary writing, observations, etc.

3) Write a reflection (1400-2000 words) that examines and demonstrates your development so far this semester. Your paper should address the following questions and prompts.

  • How have you developed with reference to the dimensions of learning and course strands? Keep in mind that development doesn’t have to be “positive.” Development can involve confusion, trying and failing, etc., just as much as it involves success. Be sure to point to specific examples from your work and observations to support and provide evidence for your development.
  • Where was your work most and least successful this semester? What made this work particularly effective or ineffective? What were the main comments you received on your work, whether from project collaborators, peers, your instructor, or other outside help? What steps did you take to address these comments?
  • How would you describe the efforts you made in this class? Consider both the amount of effort you put into the course and how productive and effective this effort was. How much time did you spend on different work? Which efforts felt most productive and effective? Least so?
  • In your last paragraph, you should evaluate yourself using specific grading criteria and explain the reasoning behind your evaluation. Give yourself a specific letter grade (feel free to use + or – grades if you fit between two different categories) and explain why this grade is appropriate. NOTE: The grade that you give yourself at this point will not affect your Learning Record Final. It will only give you a sense for where you stand at this point and what you can do to continue improving throughout the semester.

4) Email your Learning Record Midterm to me.