Digital Media Literacies

In addition to our main project work and supplementary writing, you may also have the opportunity to develop specific digital media literacies to enhance your professional skills. This work would largely be self-directed, although I would be happy to discuss your work with you and help how I can. You are particularly encouraged to take advantage of the resources at the Digital Media Center in the library. To provide evidence of your enhanced literacies and skills, you can produce relevant texts (a website, images, audio or video recordings, 3D objects, etc.) or write about your work and development. You are particularly encouraged to work with the following technologies and modes of digital production:

  • Website Design (focusing on principles of design and/or coding)
  • Image Production (working with the Adobe Creative Cloud)
  • Audio Production
  • Video Production
  • 3D Printers

If you are interested in developing other digital literacies or professional skill sets, let me know.