Project Proposal

Our main work this semester will consist of developing one or more substantial writing projects suitable for a professional portfolio. You can focus on any sort of writing that fits with the goals of the Professional and Creative Writing major: literary or rhetorical criticism, analysis and argument, creative writing, journalism, professional writing, or digital work. You are welcome to build on work you have produced previously or to start something new. It’s okay if your work changes direction throughout the semester, but we want to get a specific sense for your expectations.

Your proposal (minimum 800 words) should address the following prompts:

  • Describe your project(s). What will you produce? Be specific about purpose, content, modality, genre, and length.
  • How does this project fit with or build upon other writing you have done? How will it challenge you and help you develop as a writer?
  • Reflect on the importance of this writing. Why does this writing matter? What will it contribute to the world (or to a particular community, conversation, etc.)? What audiences would be interested in this writing, and where might it be published or shared?
  • What is your proposed timeline for completing your project(s)? We will be looking at your work every two weeks; what will you be prepared to share for each workshop?