This assignment highlights another important aspect of your professionalization as a writer: being able to present and respond to questions about your work. Our presentations offer us an opportunity to reflect on and package the work we have done this semester and throughout the program, and they will also offer other students and faculty insight into the work we do in Professional and Creative Writing major and the English department and the relationship between this work and your life after Bonaventure.

Your presentation should be 7-10 minutes and should include some sort of visual aid, likely a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation. Your presentation should address some combination of the following prompts:

  • What is your writing philosophy? What do you want to achieve as a writer? Why is writing important to you?
  • What specific work has been most important in your development as a writer? Show samples of this work and explain its significance to you.
  • What are your main influences as a writer? Show how these influences have shaped your work.
  • Which classes have been most important or influential in your work as a writer? Show samples of your work from the class(es) and explain how they have influenced your development as a writer.
  • What are your future plans at this point? How has your work at Bonaventure helped prepare you for life after graduation?