Initial Research

This open-ended assignment has no specific requirements; it serves as a placeholder of sorts as we build up toward our writing workshops. You should produce some sort of writing this week that helps you make progress on your writing work for the semester. Bring your work to class with you so that we can share and discuss it. Here are some possibilities:

  • Research. Depending on your writing project, you may need to do research along the way. This could involve researching background information about a particular topic, studying what others have said and argued about a particular subject, looking for examples that will give you a better sense for what you want to produce, finding out more about specific technologies or genres you will incorporate in your work, etc. Your initial research could involve producing an annotated bibliography or research summary.
  • Drafting. You are welcome to begin drafting work for some aspect of your writing project or, if you are revisiting something you have already written, revising it.
  • Planning. This approach would involve completing other writing work that will help you before you begin drafting or revising a project. For example, if you are writing a creative piece and want to do character sketches; if you are designing a website and want to create an overview of what will be addressed on different pages; if you are writing a critical article and want to outline your argument.