Date Major Due Dates; Homework (due day listed); In class
M 8/29 Introduction to Course
W 8/31 Read Burke, Frost (Moodle)
F 9/2 WordPress Assignment due
M 9/5 Read Jamison (.pdf on Moodle)
W 9/7 Read Coates; Discuss passages
F 9/9 Read Mogelson
M 9/12 Short Analysis due; haiku activity
W 9/14 Read Nabokov (Moodle), Gay
F 9/16 Read Kelly (and here and here), Ellis; Notes for close reading
M 9/19 Literary Analysis due
W 9/21 Bring paper artifact to class
F 9/23 Bring draft of Analysis Paper to class
M 9/26 Analysis Paper due for peer reviews in class; Poetry prompts
W 9/28 Conferences
F 9/30 Conferences
M 10/3 Analysis Paper revisions due
W 10/5 Read Guidelines for Workshopping; poetry workshop
F 10/7 Poetry workshop
M 10/10 Midterm Break
W 10/12 Poetry workshop
F 10/14 Conferences
M 10/17 Creative Writing – Poetry due; Discuss Flash Fiction Prompts
W 10/19 Read the November issue of Flash Fiction Online (“The Brownies of Death,” “Rewind,” “Vaquera,” and “Sapience and Maternal Instinct”) and write a workshop-style critique of one of the stories
F 10/21 Bring draft of flash fiction to class; Flash Fiction Invention Activities
M 10/24 Flash fiction workshop
W 10/26 Flash fiction workshop
F 10/28 Conferences
M 10/31 Creative Writing – Flash Fiction due; Look at professional sites: Self-published, highly successful, and some advice (and some more)
W 11/2 Read Reed, Mystal, Flood, Ortberg; Look at sample pitches (here and here)
F 11/4 Bring draft of PW – Publication Analysis to class
M 11/7 Bring draft of PW – Pitch to class
W 11/9 Conferences
F 11/11 Conferences
M 11/14 Professional Writing due; Discuss remediation
W 11/16 Read about Fair Use, watch this video, and read this story and this one
F 11/18 Complete draft of Interactive Storytelling with Twine; Discuss Electronic Portfolio
M 11/21 Prepare storyboard for the A/V component of the Remediation Project (outline/drawing that captures how the audio and video will unfold); A/V workshop
M 11/28 Work day
W 11/30 Discuss Electronic Portfolio
F 12/2 Remediation due for peer reviews
M 12/5 Wrap up semester
W 12/7 No class meeting
F 12/9 Remediation due, Electronic Portfolio due; No class meeting