Electronic Portfolio

The electronic portfolio includes two components. First, your class website itself will be considered in its totality: your completion and inclusion of all assignments on the site and then any efforts you make toward exploring and developing the site’s functionality and visual appeal. In terms of functionality and visual appeal, you can attend to concerns like theme, layout, site organization, use of embedded content (links, videos, images, etc.), widgets, and additional pages or components that further develop your online persona and/or professional identity. While there is not a set requirement in terms of what all you include on your page, your portfolio grade will benefit from evidence that you have put time and effort into developing your site.

Next, your portfolio submission should include one last post, page, or attachment that reflects on the site and your work throughout the semester. Your reflection should be at least 700-1000 words, and it should address the following prompts and questions (not necessarily every last question, but every bullet point in some way).

  • How have you developed as a writer this semester? Where has your work been most effective this semester? Least effective? How so? How has it most improved?
  • How would you describe the similarities and differences between the different types of writing we have done this semester – rhetorical analysis, literary analysis, creative writing (poetry and flash fiction), nonfiction writing, and digital writing? How do they open up different possibilities for critical thinking, persuasion, expression, and creativity? How has your understanding of writing changed this semester? What are the main points or insights you will take away from the class?
  • Comment on your site itself. What have you tried to accomplish through developing its functionality and visual appeal? What sort of effect are you going for? How do you hope readers will engage with and respond to your site? Is there any way you would like to develop your site further if you had more time and/or technical expertise? What about your site are you most happy with, most proud of?