Creative Writing – Flash Fiction

This assignment consists of three parts: a short story (flash fiction), a reflection on your work and the revision process, and a formal response to a classmate’s story. The story and reflection should be submitted on your class site. The formal response will be submitted as a hard copy in class.

Flash Fiction
Your piece should be 300-1000 words. This range is strict – if you are under, you need to add to the story; if you are over, you need to cut it down. You are welcome to take your story in any direction as long as it is appropriate and respectful (but it’s okay to assume we’re all adults; in this sense, profanity and dark subject matter would be okay, but racism and misogyny aren’t). Your story will benefit from attending to a range of concerns, including character, story, theme, structure, dialog, voice, and style.

Your writing in the reflection (400-700 words) should address the following prompts and questions:

  • What were you hoping to achieve in your story? Did you want to tell a particular story? Capture a particular feeling or experience? Create a particular mood? Convey a particular message? To what extent did you achieve this goal? In what ways was your story most successful? What are its main limitations?
  • Explain your choices about your use of language. What words in the story are most important to you? Why did you choose them? How about things like narrative, description, and dialogue? Why did you craft the story in the way that you did?
  • What changes did you make to your story through the revision process? Why?
  • Which stories from your classmates did you find most successful? What did you like about the stories? What was most successful about them?

The expectations for your response to a classmate are detailed here. On the day that you offer a formal response, you should bring two hard copies of the response: one for your classmate and one for me.