Research Report

This assignment asks you to begin the research that will serve as the foundation for your final paper. The report itself should be an annotated bibliography that includes at least 7 sources (the final paper will ask you to include at least 10 sources). For the annotations, you should aim to summarize the articles in general in a substantial paragraph or two, but you can also summarize strategically, noting how the articles contribute to your thinking about the larger question or interest you are working toward addressing in your paper (as the Purdue OWL puts it, you can assess and reflect in addition to summarizing). Your report should also include an introduction (1-2 pages) that discusses the research overall. What sort of connections do you see between the sources? What are some of the main directions they go in? What are some of the main points of agreement and disagreement? Where do you see your final paper going based on this research?

For the research itself, it will likely help to look at our library resources (particularly JSTOR and Project Muse), CompPile, and Google Scholar. Please submit the research report via email.