Assignment Proposal

This assignment asks you to take one or more of our readings and use it as the foundation of a pedagogical artifact: the design for a course or course unit, a writing assignment, a class activity, etc. Your proposal should begin with an overview/summary of the reading you are drawing on and an explanation of your use of the reading: What aspects of the reading do you hope to capture in your assignment? What makes this reading a good foundation for an assignment? What do you hope to accomplish through your assignment? In what context would you include or offer this assignment? This part of the proposal should be about 1-2 pages.

Next in the proposal, include the pedagogical artifact itself, either as a description of an assignment/activity/course unit/etc. or as a handout/instructions that you would give to students. What would you ask students to do? What would you ask them to write about? What resources and technologies would you ask them to draw on? What would the goals of the assignment/activity be? How will student work be assessed?

When it is your turn to submit an assignment proposal, you should email it to the class by the end of Sunday (ahead of our class meeting on Wendesday). You should be prepared to discuss your proposal in class. You will receive feedback from me and a classmate, and you are welcome to revise the paper for a higher grade.

In addition to completing a proposal, you will also be asked to offer feedback to a classmate. Your comments can address whether the proposal successfully addressed the reading and the most/least effective aspects of the proposal overall. Your feedback can also aim to further extend the conversation by exploring possibilities for extending the assignment or creating different artifacts inspired by this one. When it is your turn to offer feedback to a classmate, you should email it to everyone before class, and you should be prepared to discuss your feedback in class.