Paper 2

Our second substantial paper (1500-2000 words) builds on our short Ethical Analysis paper. Again, the main objective is to take up Jim Brown’s thinking on hospitality and ethical programs in order to analyze some example from digital culture. You can refer to the Ethical Analysis assignment for more thoughts on what examples would work and how we want to begin analyzing them.

In addition to the prompts from the short assignment, your work on Paper 2 should also address the following:

  • Building off of your analysis of the example, you should also make an argument about the example. As we discussed in class, this argument can take a few different forms. We’re drawing on stasis theory, which helps us think about four different types of arguments: conjecture, definition, evaluation, and policy or proposal. So, one possibility would be to make an argument evaluating the ethics of the situation, but you could also make an argument about what caused the situation or what sort of effects it has, how the situation shapes our understanding of the definition of ethics, or how we should respond to the situation.
  • As you work toward making your argument, be mindful of providing evidence to support your thinking. You are welcome to point to other examples or draw on other sources to support your thinking, although you might simply be offering your own rationale as well. Keep in mind our discussion of enthymemes and the role that belief plays in rhetorical argumentation. In other words, part of the challenge of advancing an argument will be considering and addressing your audience’s beliefs. If you are working from a belief or assumption that your audience might not share, then you will likely need to explain and support that belief as well.

Through your work, we should end up with a better understanding of hospitality and ethical programs and how these concepts can be applied to digital culture more generally. Be sure to include a works cited page and in-text citations for any sources you draw on.