Paper 1

Our first substantial paper (1600-2000 words) builds on our short rhetorical analyses. Again, the main objective is to better understand our readings (and the theories, concepts, arguments, and perspectives they embody) and to put them into conversation with some aspect of digital culture. Through your work, we should end up with a better understanding of the readings and digital culture more generally.

Toward this end, you should substantially engage with at least one of our course readings (see the first rhetorical analysis), although you are welcome to draw on more than one reading or your own research as well. You should also substantially engage with at least one text (see the second rhetorical analysis), although you are welcome to analyze more than one text here as well. Your work should build on and extend the work you did in the short papers. One possibility would be to add more readings or texts to your analysis, either to put further concepts, questions, or perspectives on the table or to serve as points of comparison. Another possibility would be to develop your previous thinking and analysis in greater detail, refining your points and offering further insights that emerge out of your analysis.

As with the short papers, your work should balance the specific and the broad. That is, you should be carefully analyzing specific details from the texts and readings you are working with and moving from this analysis to broader insights about digital culture.