Final Project Proposal

Our Final Project will ask you to take up a concern in digital rhetoric and address it in some way through writing. Your work on this project can go in a number of directions: you can analyze some aspect of digital culture, make an argument about some aspect of digital culture, contribute to an existing conversation about digital culture, do research into a conversation in digital culture (let me know if you have something else in mind).

Similarly, while your project will involve some writing, it can also incorporate other multimodal or multimedia elements. You can make a video, a podcast, a website or blog, a presentation, etc. (If you are interested in these options but are worried that you don’t have the technical skills to produce a multimedia text, I can help you with the technical side.) So, you have a number of options both in terms of content and form, and your work might go in a few different directions. The main challenge at this point is deciding what the focus of your work will be and what sorts of texts you think you’ll be producing.

As you develop a focus for your project, keep in mind two requirements for the project: your work should have a substantial research component (you will be asked to complete an annotated bibliography with at least ten sources, even if you don’t end up citing all of these sources in your final work), and some aspect of your final project should be shared publicly.

With all of this in mind, your proposal (400-600 words) should address the following prompts and questions:

  • What aspect of digital culture do you want to focus on for your Final Project? What is the main topic, concern, issue, conversation, and/or research question you want to address?
  • Why is this topic important to you, and how does it fit with our thinking about digital rhetoric? Does it help us address any questions, concepts, or perspectives we have addressed this semester?
  • What sort of research do you expect to do on this topic? What sorts of sources do you expect/hope to find, and where do you think you’ll find them?
  • What sort of text or texts do you expect to produce for your Final Project? Will this be an analysis, argument, or research paper? Do you want to have multimedia elements? What do you want to write or make to address your topic?