Ethical Analysis

For this short analysis (600-900 words), you should take up Jim Brown’s thinking on hospitality and ethical programs and use it to analyze an example from digital culture. This example could come in various forms: a text (article, video, post on social media, terms of service statement, etc.), a piece of hardware or software (an iPhone, an application), a situation or event or action (Michael Larson going on a game show, Great Britain evacuating the Chagos islands), or something else along these lines. Your analysis of the example should address the following prompts and questions:

  • Describe the example. What’s going on here, and what does it have to do with ethics? What is the ethical concern or question?
  • Analyze the example through the lens of the Law of hospitality and the laws of hospitality. Where do we see the Law of hospitality at work in the example? What sort of laws or ethical programs have been taken up in response?
  • Going along with the previous prompt, trace out the roles of various ethical actors in the situation. Help us see how the question of ethics plays out at different levels in the example. Who has been treated unethically, and how? Regardless of their degree of responsibility, who all has contributed to making the situation what it is? What people and ethical programs lie behind or around the scenes?

By addressing these prompts, your analysis should give us a good sense for the example itself and how it relates to Brown’s thinking on ethical programs.