Digital Literacy Narrative

In his introduction to Digital Rhetoric, Doug Eyman describes a literacy narrative as “an autobiographical reflection upon the paths, interests, and practices that led the writer to the very moment of writing the narrative, focusing in particular on reading and writing as the pillars of literacy.” A technology literacy narrative, then, “shifts focus from reading and writing to using and producing digital texts and the ways in which the writer has learned to use the technologies that support those digital literacies.”

Our goal in this short assignment (600-900 words) is to produce such a narrative of our own experiences with digital literacies. Ultimately, your writing should aim to offer a larger point, insight, or argument about your experiences with digital technologies and how they have shaped you as a person. Toward this end, it could help to draw on Mendelson’s thinking about the effects of digital technologies on the self, both in terms of individual psychology and public citizenship.

To support and substantiate this larger insight into your digital self, your narrative should draw on your experiences. How did you first encounter and engage with digital technologies? What are the main experiences that have shaped your understanding of and relationship to digital technologies over time? How has your digital literacy shifted over time? What people, readings, or other outside influences shaped your experiences? Your writing does not necessarily need to address all of these questions, but you should incorporate specific and significant details from your experience into your thinking.