Annotated Bibliography

Through your work on the annotated bibliography, you should develop and demonstrate a broader understanding of the topic you will take up in the Final Project. The goal is to get a better sense for how the topic has been discussed, for important questions and perspectives that have been taken up in the conversation around the topic, and for the arguments people have made about it. Depending on the approach you take to the Final Project, you may or may not end up drawing on all of these sources in your work. Regardless, you should use this assignment as an opportunity to demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and understanding about your topic.

The annotated bibliography should include at least eight sources, at least two of which should be academic articles (check out JSTOR, Project Muse, and Academic Search Complete on the library’s website and Google Scholar). The citations can be in MLA or APA format, and the annotations should be a substantial paragraph or two summarizing the source and noting how the source contributes to your thinking about the topic.