Digital Reflection

This short assignment (600-900 words) asks you to reflect on the role that digital writing and digital technologies play in your life. Post your work on your website as a static page or a blog post. Your thinking should address the following prompts and questions. Feel free to take advantage of the functionality offered by WordPress (adding links, embedding images or videos, etc.) however you are inspired to do so.

  • What role does writing play in your life? How does writing contribute to your identity? How does writing help you understand your identity?
  • How would you describe the difference between writing in general and digital writing? If you don’t see much of a difference, in what ways are they similar?
  • Following Taylor’s understanding of the term, in what ways are you a producer of culture? Who benefits from what you produce, and how? What digital technologies and writing platforms do you use? Do you use them for social, personal, professional, creative, political, artistic, academic, etc., reasons? How so? How do they shape your life, your interests, and your ways of interacting with other people and the world around you?
  • Similarly, in what ways are you a consumer of digital culture? Who benefits from what you consume, and how? What type of digital content do you consume? How does this content reflect or inform your identity and interests?
  • What role do digital technologies play in your academic discipline/future profession?