Digital Literacy Narrative

As discussed in Writer/Designer (33), a literacy narrative serves as an occasion for reflecting on your reading and writing practices and experiences across technologies and modalities. Your literacy narrative (minimum 600 words) should be posted on your website and should address some combination of the following prompts, which largely come from the textbook. Your post should include at least one link and at least one piece of embedded media (image, video, social media post, etc.).

  • Is there a particular digital or multimodal text or experience that has been significant (engaging, helpful, life-altering, etc.) for you? How so?
  • Is there a particular digital or multimodal text you have produced that is meaningful to you? What process did you go through to produce the text? How did this text draw on different elements and modes (linguistic, visual, aural, gestural, spatial)?
  • What are ways you use multimodal or digital texts to navigate life in and outside of work or school?
  • How does multimedia shape your ability to process and interpret information or otherwise engage with the world around you?
  • What barriers to reading, writing, or technology have you encountered as a user of digital and multimodal texts? How did you (try to) overcome them?

You do not need to address all these prompts; you are welcome to focus on what resonates most for you. The broader question here is “how have digital technologies and multimodal texts been significant in your life?”, and you are welcome to focus on any thoughts, stories, or experiences that help you capture this.