This schedule is tentative and may be changed throughout the semester. Major due dates will not change, but readings and other assignments might be added or changed. The schedule below will be official, and you should check it regularly.

BWH = The Business Writer’s Handbook, 10th ed (2012). Alred, Brusaw, & Oliu.
TC = Technical Communication, 10th ed (2012). Mike Markel.

Date Major Due Dates; Homework (due day listed); In class
M 8/25 Introduction to Course
W 8/27 Read selections on memos, correspondence (BWH), and style (“the paramedic method”); Correspondence draft due
F 8/29 Revised Correspondence due; Discuss paramedic method, revision exercises; Discuss research
M 9/1 Bring annotated bibliography to class with 3-5 sources from ethics research
W 9/3 Bring Ethics Paper draft to class for peer review; Discuss ethics article
F 9/5 Ethics Paper due
M 9/8 Skim selection on research (TC Ch. 6, 118-135) and read ethics article
W 9/10 Read part of Toulmin, “The Layout of Arguments” (87-99), and check here or here for further reference
F 9/12 Analysis 1 due
M 9/15 Read “Reflecting on how we teach ethics” and Accounting Tomorrow blog post and analyze each article using Toulmin’s model of argument
W 9/17 Analysis 2 due
F 9/19 Read Cyphert
M 9/22 Document Analysis Peer Review Draft due for peer reviews in class
W 9/24 Conferences
F 9/26 Conferences
M 9/29 Document Analysis due; Reflection activity
W 10/1 Read BWH on Questionnaires and Markel on “Conducting Primary Research” (137-147)
F 10/3 Set up SurveyMonkey account and create test survey
M 10/6 Survey Proposal due
W 10/8 Publish and share surveys
F 10/10 Midterm Reflection due; Visual rhetoric video, handout
M 10/13 Midterm Break
W 10/15 Read Markel on “Creating Graphics” (305-344); Discuss visual rhetoric, IRB guidelines
F 10/17 Finish reading Markel on “Creating Graphics” (305-344)
M 10/20 Compile Survey Results; Develop visualizations
W 10/22 Complete First Visualization; Develop analysis and visualization
F 10/24 Complete Remaining Visualizations
M 10/27 Survey Analysis Peer Review Draft due for peer reviews in class
W 10/29 Conferences
F 10/31 Conferences
M 11/3 Revision exercise
W 11/5 Paper reflection
F 11/7 Survey Analysis due
M 11/10 Final Proposal due; Memo exercise
W 11/12 Meetings on final assignments
F 11/14 Discuss memo samples, audience profile sheets, rhetorical analysis
M 11/17 Discuss social media
W 11/19 Peer reviews of final assignment work
F 11/21 Conferences
M 11/24 Discuss professional materials (Cover Letter Template, Sample Resume 1, 2, and 3); Peer reviews of final assignment work
M 12/1 Conferences
W 12/3 Discuss Final Reflection
F 12/5 Final Work due
W 12/10 Final Reflection due