Introduction to Inform7

Our Procedural Authorship project will allow you to develop a procedural argument using Inform7. Here are the resources you should consult as you work on this project.

Inform7 Site. On this site, you can download Inform7 for Mac or PC (you can do all of the work on SBU computers if necessary, and you should be able to download the program quickly each time as needed). You can also learn about the software by looking at videos, manuals (both the Writing with Inform and The Recipe Book manuals), and examples. You should definitely look at the first video that offers an overview of writing in Inform7. It would be helpful to look over all of these materials generally so that you have a sense for where you can look to find more specific instructions when you need them. Our work in Inform7 will require some back-and-forth between writing and consulting the manual to see what we can do.

– In addition to learning about Inform7 through these materials, you should also begin designing your procedural text. At the very least, you should begin to map out and outline locations, people, and objects. You should begin thinking about what you want your audience to be able to do in your text, what sort of mood you want to create, what sort of descriptions you want your audience to encounter as they navigate your text, etc. It would be even better if you could begin writing the actual code for your project in Inform7, setting up rooms, their descriptions, and the people/objects in them.

To give you a sense of what your work might look like at this point, here is the code for the example we looked at in class, Jim Brown’s “A world of dust and smoke.”


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