Reflection Paper

This assignment will largely follow a similar assignment for another class, so I will direct you there:

There is one note I would make here. This assignment asks you to reflect on your development with reference to specific dimensions of learning and course strands. You can find links to further thoughts about the dimensions of learning in the assignment descriptions. While you can also find links to the course strands, these are better suited to another class. Below are the course strands you should keep in mind for our class. These three categories represent the main activities and skills that we will be practicing and developing throughout the semester. As with the dimensions of learning, the course strands are dynamically interwoven.

Rhetorical Analysis

One goal of our work throughout the semester foregrounds rhetorical concerns with purpose, audience, and context. Rhetorical analysis helps us attend to the ways that specific aspects of a text – argument, style, structure, presentation, etc. – address specific purposes, audiences, and contexts. We want to work toward better understanding how writers draw on specific strategies, assumptions, conventions, and genres in order to produce effective writing and communication so that we can be more effective communicators as well.

Professional Communication

This course strand focuses on writing challenges related to style, structure, delivery, and professional writing conventions. We want to develop a sense for how to produce effective professional documents (memos, emails, formal reports, etc.) both in terms of form and in economy and clarity of language. This strand asks you to focus on your ability to produce writing that embodies professional writing expectations.

Multimodal Communication

This course strand resonates with the Professional Communication strand but draws further attention to the fact that such communication involves attention to modalities other than just written language, particularly visual and digital modes of writing and textuality. This strand asks you to focus on your ability to analyze and produce visual and digital communication.