Final Proposal

This short assignment (1 page, single spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pt font) asks you to propose what you would like to do for your final assignment(s) for the semester. You can do either a series of short assignments or a single final report or project. Regardless of what approach you take, this final work will involve 7-10 pages of writing with revisions based on feedback from peers and from me. For the proposal, you should identify which assignment(s) you would like to complete, what you would like to do for it (for example, if you want to produce professional memos, what sorts of situations and problems would you like to address; if you want to produce professional materials, what sort of job would they be designed for), and why these options would be most helpful for you in terms of your professional development. We will work out specific assignment descriptions based on your preferences. Here is an overview of the options:

Short Assignments

Professional Memos and Correspondence. This assignment would involve writing one or more memos or emails addressing real-world professional situations and challenges. Ideally, you would identify these challenges and situations (perhaps in consultation with professors in your field), although I could help. This would be a good opportunity to take work that you’ve done for another class and then produce the professional writing that you would use to share the results or present it to a particular audience.

Professional Documents. This option is similar to the previous one, but it would focus on different types of documents as described in Markel‘s Technical Communication: Audience Profile Sheets, Brochures, Field Reports, Instructions, Lab Reports, Newsletters, Process Descriptions, Progress Reports, Recommendation Report, etc.

Professional Materials. This short assignment would involve three documents (3 total pages): a résumé, cover letter for an application, and a rhetorical analysis of your materials explaining how they are successfully designed for a specific position / company / graduate school / etc.

CPA Exam Practice Questions. This short assignment would allow you to address two different writing prompts from sample CPA exams (1 page each). The first would be completed like a regular class assignment, written outside of class and revised based on feedback. The second would be completed in an exam-like situation with no opportunity for feedback or revisions.

Collaborative Website Design. This project would involve working with a group to produce a website that shares the results of your Survey Analysis papers. You would have to work on the design of the site and some common pages together, but you would then also have pages dedicated to your individual projects and results. This would be an opportunity to think about different ways of delivering the same material (a paper vs. a website).

Propose Your Own Short Assignment. As the name suggests, you can propose your own short assignment. The main criterion here is that the assignment fit with the goals of the class. If there is a specific type of writing challenge relevant to your professional interests that you want to take on, propose it!

Final Report or Project

Professional Report. This extended paper would be similar to our previous papers in terms of design and scope, but it would take on a new type of challenge or analysis. This would be an opportunity for you to design your own assignment or to identify the specific challenge or problem that you want to address through the paper.

Social Media Report. This extended paper would allow you to analyze how a series of people, companies, and organizations in your field use social media platforms (primarily Facebook and Twitter, but perhaps others as well). You would then in turn get to design a social media campaign that would promote a particular company or organization that you are (or want to be) affiliated with.