Ethics Paper

For this short assignment (one page, single spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pt font), write about the role that ethics plays in your academic discipline or future profession and your relationship to it. The title of your paper should refer to your discipline or profession – for example, “Statement on Business Ethics” or “Statement on the Ethics of Biologists.” Your paper should respond to the following prompts and questions:

  • How would you describe the ethics of your discipline or profession more generally? What role does ethics play in the field or discipline?
  • Does your discipline or profession have a collection of ethical guidelines or principles that have been officially articulated? Does your discipline or profession have ethical guidelines or principles that are shared by its members even if they aren’t officially articulated somewhere? Either way, what are the main values and concerns represented in these principles? Why are these values and principles important for the discipline or profession?
  • Identify and analyze a specific example when someone acted against these ethical principles. What happened, and what was the response? Did this instance change or shape your field or discipline’s understanding of ethics or the way it addresses ethical concerns?
  • Articulate how specific practices (particularly communication practices) can ensure that ethical principles are upheld and followed in your field.

As you write your statement on ethics, imagine as your audience a potential employer or client who has ethical concerns and needs someone who can help them navigate these concerns. In this sense, you are trying to demonstrate a solid understanding of ethics and an ability to ensure ethical activity. Or, you can imagine your audience as employees, such that you are writing a statement of ethics for your company to follow. In this sense, you are trying to clarify ethical expectations and how they can be upheld.