Correspondence Paper

For this short assignment, write a complaint letter (BWH) to a company, organization, or other corporate entity of your choice. Your letter can address any complaint from any aspect of your life – any experience you’ve had or anything you’ve paid for where someone else was responsible for the quality of that experience or product. The one rule here is that the complaint should be authentic; don’t just pretend or be silly about it (no “Dear Santa, Last year you didn’t bring me the new bike I wanted…”).

This letter should be formatted as an email (even though it will actually be submitted as a .doc or .rtf file as an email attachment). So, at the top of the page, put your name, then skip a line and put the subject line, and then skip another line and start the letter proper. Our readings on memos and correspondence should shape the structure and style of the letter. In terms of audience, think about the intended recipient of the letter and the response you would hope to receive, either in terms of their direct response to you or any changes they might make to their products or services.