Analysis 2

For this short paper (1-2 pages, single spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pt font), you should work with two of the sources that you will study for the Document Analysis paper. Each source should be an article, report, blog post, etc., produced by someone within your field or profession, and these sources can come from academic journals, professional publications (journals, newsletters, blogs), government documents, corporate documents, or publications aimed at the broader public (newspapers and magazines).

In this paper, offer an analysis of these sources through the lens of Toulmin’s model of argumentation. Identify and explain various aspects of the argument: claims, data, warrants, backing, objections, rebuttals, as applicable. Also, reflect on the relationship between argument and audience – will the readers of this text find the argument persuasive? Will they share the same assumptions and values that the argument draws on? Will they have any objections or any other perspectives that the argument doesn’t address? In this sense, we want to get a sense for how the argument works and whether it will be effective.