Research and Citations

One of the goals of the course is to help you develop research and citation skills. Our presentations and papers will require different approaches to research throughout the semester, but the resources outlined here should cover most of our bases. Your research will likely need to draw on both academic and popular sources. In other words, as we’re studying our fields and disciplines, it will be helpful to get perspectives from within the field and from the broader public.

The most helpful databases for scholarly sources will be JStor and Academic Search Complete (available through the library) and then Google Scholar. Note that JStor can help you locate specific journals relevant to your field. Some fields and professions have publications (journals, newsletters, blogs, etc.) that address news and issues relevant to members of the profession. For example, The Chronicle of Higher Education (CHE) isn’t an academic journal, but it is a publication with relevant news and commentary for academics. Try to locate relevant professional organizations and their publications through your research.

Sources aimed at a more general audience (newspapers and magazines) can be found through LexisNexis and then from specific publications like The New Yorker, Harper’s, The Atlantic, Slate, and Salon. To find images and video clips to include in your presentations, try Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Keep in mind that incorporating research into your papers and presentations will involve correctly citing your sources. For help with citations, you can consult the Purdue Online Writing Lab and NoodleBib (see “NoodleTools Citation Tool”). If you are interested in using a web-based tool for keeping track of sources and links and for helping with bibliographies, check out Zotero.


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