Presentation 3 Peer Review

We will be peer reviewing our work on Presentation 3 in class today. In your conversations, you should address the following questions and prompts.

  • The main foundation of the presentation will be an analysis of texts. Does your partner have enough texts to sustain a 4-5 min. presentation? Are these texts interesting? Does your partner focus on relevant aspects of the text? Are there any other aspects of the text or any other texts you would encourage your partner to consider further?
  • The main thing we want to get from this analysis is a better understanding of or some sort of insight into a given community. Does your partner have a clear sense for what they want to say about the community? About its attitudes, values, beliefs, and orientation? About its relationship to rhetoric? Or some other argument or insight about the community that shows us something interesting about it? What other community could serve as a point of comparison for your partner’s community to give us a better sense for what makes each unique?
  • In terms of visual aids, we mainly want to focus on the texts themselves rather than our notes on them. In other words, the visual aid should primarily be grounded in displays of the texts – the websites, images, or videos themselves. There should be less of an emphasis on notes that you are making about these texts. How does your partner do in this regard? Do we get a clear sense for the texts and the details your partner is focusing on?

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