Group Projects

Group One – Communication Breakdown (aka “BonnieGirl”)

Thanks for listening to our podcast! As you can probably guess, this is a mock breaking news interview we put together. This is an example of what happens when communication, both written and oral, is not used properly.

We chose to gear our script towards Spring Weekend rumors to grab the attention of our listeners. Although this is a (very) hypothetical situation, it still echoes the theme of using communication to the best of one’s ability.

Everyone has played the telephone game growing up. The last person who gets the “telephone” ends up hearing a completely different message than the one intended by the person who started it. This is the idea we wanted to portray though our mock breaking news interview.

If the president of SGA had been more open with the students, maybe more people would have understood the plan. If the students hadn’t jumped to conclusion, perhaps SGA would have been more open to sharing their ideas. And lastly, if Kim and Kanye hadn’t kept their Spring Weekend knowledge from each other, the rumors may have not started in the first place.

This string of miscommunication is a result of several different aspects of human interaction. For starters, as we learned from a video in class, ideas don’t just happen; they are formed from bouncing around from one person to another until one great concept emerges. No, the Kanye rumor in this case did not turn out to be a great concept. However, it did come about from several people sharing their ideas, hopes and concerns.

If the imaginary characters in this setting had used these various interactions in a positive way, it could have worked out for all involved in Spring Weekend. For example, if those involved (Kanye, Kim, SGA and the students) had created an open forum for communication to write and discuss ideas, more people could have been on board with the Spring Weekend plans the chaos could have been minimized all together.

Another concept we discussed in class was the idea of a birthday party. The theory we covered revolved around the odds that you would share a birthday with someone else. Essentially, one might jump to think that the chances five people share a birthday are 5/365. However, that’s not the case. Rather than only taking into consideration the five people involved, you have to think about all of the shared birthdays between the people involved. In a sense, this displays that the more people involved in something, complicate the scenario because you don’t only have to worry about how each person interacts with another person. A situation (like Spring Weekend) could get more and more complex when more people (like a student body) are involved. Ideally, if our hypothetical Spring Weekend situation had a happy ending, there could have again been an open forum for those involved to share their thoughts and what would needed to be changed, added or taken away from the Kanye plan.

Overall, we hope you enjoyed our entertaining take on how communication, written and oral, could potentially influence the Bonaventure community.

Group Two – Bona Video


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Group Four – Bona Organizations

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