Presentation One

For this presentation, you will focus on an important innovator and innovation in your field or discipline and how the innovation has shaped it. We can think of innovations like tools and technologies but also things like theories, concepts, articles or books, approaches to a particular problem, business models, etc. Although your presentation will certainly inform us about the innovator and innovation, the main goal is to analyze the innovation and to explain how it is significant. Toward this end, your presentation should work to address the following questions:

  • Why is this innovation significant? How has it shaped and contributed to your field? How might it continue to affect the field into the future?
  • How does the innovation embody your field’s orientation – its attitudes, values, beliefs, assumptions, and general ways of looking at the world? Does the innovation work against or expand this orientation in any way?
  • How does the innovation fit within the field’s design grammar – its principles for what sort of content and social practices and activities are important and acceptable for the field?
  • How does the innovation generate trained incapacities? How does/might the innovation downplay or blind us to particular perspectives, issues, concerns, or values? How does/might the innovation serve as a hindrance to developments within the field?

The presentation will likely require some research – not the same as for an extended research paper, but more than just Wikipedia or a quick Google search. It could be particularly helpful to draw on materials from more academic sites such as JStor, Google Scholar, or Academic Search Premier to get a sense for what people in the field have to say about the innovation. It will likely be helpful to incorporate a specific example of the innovation in action or a specific source that gives us insight into the innovation. It will also be important to incorporate your own analysis of the innovation, your own thoughts in response to the above questions.

The presentation should be 4-5 minutes, and it should include a visual aid, likely a PowerPoint or Prezi file. Either way, you should have at least four slides, the last of which should be a works cited slide documenting your sources in MLA format.

Grading. Presentations will be given letter grades. The “A” range will indicate excellent work, “B” good work, and “C” passable work (a “D” or lower means little to no effort or preparation). To determine your grade, I will primarily focus on the content of the presentation (strength of research and analysis, organization, and style), visual aids, delivery (eye contact, engaging with the audience, etc.), and the presentation reflection you submit at the end of the week.


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