Presentation One

Our first presentation draws on your work in the Innovation Paper. You will not have time to include all the content from the paper in the presentation, so the first challenge will be determining which aspect of the innovation you want to address. The content of the presentation could come directly from the paper itself; similarly, you could take some aspect of the paper and develop it further in the presentation; finally, you could take up some aspect of the innovation you did not address in the paper.

Regardless of what aspect of the innovation you address, your presentation should incorporate some element of analysis and/or argument – it will not be enough to simply inform us about your innovation. The presentation should be 4-5 minutes, and it should include a visual aid, likely using PowerPoint, Prezi, or Canva, and including at least four slides, the first of which should be a title slide (including your name and the title of your presentation).

Grading. Presentations will be given letter grades. The “A” range will indicate excellent work, “B” good work, and “C” passable work (a “D” or lower means little to no effort or preparation). To determine your grade, I will primarily focus on the content of the presentation (strength of research and analysis, organization, and style), visual aids, delivery (eye contact, engaging with the audience, etc.), and the presentation reflection you submit at the end of the week.

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