Paper Reflection

When you submit the final draft of the Debate Paper, you should also include a reflection paper (500-700 words) that addresses the work you did in the main paper. Your reflection should address the following prompts and questions.

  • What do you like most about your paper? Where was your writing most and least successful this unit? What made this work particularly effective or ineffective? What were the main comments you received on your work, whether from peers, your instructor, or other outside help? What steps did you take to address these comments? How effective were the revisions?
  • How would you describe the efforts you made during this unit? Consider both the amount of effort you put into your work and how productive and effective this effort was. How much time did you spend on different aspects of the writing process – reading, researching, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, etc.? Which efforts felt most productive and effective? Least so?
  • How would you describe the context of your writing process? What was your writing environment like? What technologies did you use? How long did you spend on writing at a given time? How many writing sessions did you have for the papers?
  • How would you compare your work in this unit to your work on previous papers? How did your efforts or writing process change for this paper?
  • What goals do you have going forward? What aspects of your writing do you want to develop further? Do you want to make any changes in terms of the nature of your efforts or your writing process?

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