Honors Assignments

In addition to our scheduled short assignments and main papers, you will be assigned one additional assignment each unit that you should complete on your own. Each assignment will be worth up to 3 points (3 = excellent, 2 = good, 1 = acceptable, 0 = unacceptable or incomplete). You can choose from the following options, and you should do something different each time. This assignment is due with the final submission of our main papers. Let me know if you have questions about the assignment.

Reading Notes. This is similar to the extra credit opportunity with our main readings. The difference here is that you should read and write up notes for articles we don’t read for class (and not the sources for your paper) that are relevant to our main concerns with identity. You should read at least three additional articles, and your notes for each should be 200-400 words. I am happy to discuss possibilities and make recommendations if you are not sure what to read.

Literacy Narrative. A literacy narrative offers a story and reflection on your experience developing a particular literacy: reading, writing, speaking, communicating, using digital technologies, etc. Here are some helpful resources that further explain what a literacy narrative entails or offer examples: Lichtenstein, Selfe, and the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives. This paper should be at least 800 words.

Argumentation. This assignment would be an opportunity to write an editorial-style paper on any issue relevant to you. This could not simply be a rant; there would need to be some sense of argument and support and evidence for your argument. That is, there should be an attempt to persuade others. This paper should be at least 800 words.

Meditation. This assignment involves meditating at least ten minutes three times per week during a given unit and also some writing. Your writing can take one of two approaches: either write immediately after meditating about the experience of meditating itself or anything else that comes to mind during or after meditating, or complete the writing separately and use it as an opportunity to reflect on your meditations. This paper should be at least 800 words.

Choose Your Own Adventure. You can propose your own assignment as well. If there are other types of writing or digital production you would like to do, let me know what you have in mind.