Academic Research

This research assignment aims to prepare us for the Academic Analysis and Paper 1. Your research should focus on the same topic you used for the Public Research, and you should include at least three academic sources in your annotated bibliography. To find academic sources, look at a few different databases. Check out JSTOR, Project Muse, and Academic Search Complete on the library’s website and also try Google Scholar. For books, you can try the library’s book catalog. You should also refer to our research activity.

Academic Research Paper
You should present your research as an annotated bibliography (see The Little Seagull Handbook p. 74). In terms of structure, you should follow the guidelines from the handbook. Start the bibliography with a one paragraph statement of scope (p. 75) that explains what topic you are covering in your research. After the statement of scope, you should then include the following for each source: complete APA bibliographic information and one or two substantial paragraphs of annotations that summarize the source, capturing its main purpose and argument. Your paper should conclude with a comparison of the sources (250-500 words). This comparison should address the following prompts:

  • How would you compare these sources in terms of their understanding of and approach to this aspect of identity? How are they similar and different? Where do they agree and disagree? To what extent do they share a similar orientation?
  • Which source(s) do you find most helpful in coming to terms with this aspect of identity? Least helpful? How so?
  • How do these sources compare to the sources from your Public Research? In what ways are the academic sources different from the public sources?

You should email your paper as an attachment the day it is due.