Paper Reflections

When you submit the final draft for any of our main papers, you should also include a reflection paper (500-700 words) that addresses the work you did in the main paper. This is a separate assignment that receives a grade of its own (5 = A, 4 = B, 3 = C, 2 = D, 1 = F). Your reflection should address the following prompts and questions.

  • Define your project in the paper. What are you trying to accomplish, above and beyond satisfying the requirements and addressing the assignment prompt? How does your paper participate in and contribute to a conversation on the topic?
  • What specific choices did you make to work toward this project? Why did you choose the texts and examples that you did? What choices did you make regarding organization, style, and language? In what ways were your choices shaped and constrained by the texts we used, the assignment prompt, the genre of the assignment (an academic essay), or any other factors beyond your control? How might your paper have been different if you had more flexibility in these areas?
  • What are the strengths and limits of your project? How might your work be useful to other writers? To what extent were your choices effective? How could your work be developed further?
  • How would you describe the context of your writing process? What was your writing environment like? What technologies did you use? How long did you spend on writing at a given time? How many writing sessions did you have for the papers? What changes and interventions can you make in your writing process to continue improving?

For reflections later in the semester, comment on how your answers have changed over time. For example, did you make different sorts of choices for this paper than the previous paper? Does this paper show different strengths or limits than the previous one? How has your writing process changed since the previous paper in terms of writing environment, time spent writing, and technologies used?